John Hickenlooper, in New Hampshire, says he’s running for president, and then …

On Halloween, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper stated in a New Hampshire cafe that he's running for president . . . then he walked the statement back, indicating that he hasn't yet made a "final decision" and that if he said he's "absolutely doing it, then there are all kinds of legal ramifications."

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper told a small gathering at a New Hampshire diner Wednesday morning that he is running for president.

And in his next breath, he told the workers at Roots Cafe and Robie’s Country Store that he hadn’t made a final decision.

“I’ve never said it before,” an enlivened Hickenlooper says in a video of the comments, grabbing his chest and blushing. “I’m the governor of Colorado and I’m running for president. … To be honest, to be honest, I haven’t made a final decision.”

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