Cory Booker Isn’t Yet Running for President. But a Supporter is Launching a Super PAC to Back Him

The New York Times reports that Steve Phillips, a San Francisco-based Democratic donor, is launching a new super PAC named "Dream United" to back the not-yet-announced presidential candidacy of Senator Cory Booker.

A prominent donor plans to raise $10 million in the coming months for a new super PAC to boost Senator Cory Booker’s expected presidential campaign — marking the first infusion of big money into the Democratic primary and setting the stage for a reckoning within the party over the role of super PACs.

Steve Phillips, an influential San Francisco-based Democratic donor and activist, said he would formally file paperwork on Thursday to create the pro-Booker super PAC, Dream United. Mr. Booker, who represents New Jersey, has yet to announce whether he is running, let alone whether he would welcome super PAC support.

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