Biden’s Anguished Search for a Path to Victory

The Atlantic reports that Joe Biden is "giving everyone he’s seen in recent weeks the feeling that he’s very close to saying yes" to running for president in 2020 and his activities certainly constitute "testing the waters" under federal campaign finance law.

The urgency of Biden’s planning has stepped up since the beginning of the year and serves as a window into the complexity of this moment in American politics, with Donald Trump halfway through his chaotic first term and a diverse and progressive field of Democrats already lined up to run against him in 2020.

Top positions for a campaign have been sketched out. Donor outreach has accelerated, with Biden himself telling staff at some events to write down the names of people who say they’re eager to help. A list of potential “day-one endorsers” among elected officials has been prepared. Basic staff outreach is happening. Biden has even joked to people that he’s upped his daily workout to get in shape.

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