Kamala Harris to focus on early states this month

POLITICO reports that Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) will begin her first full month on the 2020 campaign trail with visits to early primary states South Carolina, New Hampshire, Iowa and Nevada.

Harris’ travel over the final two weeks of February will first take her back to South Carolina, a state she’s aggressively targeting as part of what her campaign strategists have dubbed “the SEC primary meets the West Coast offense” — a reference both to the SEC college athletic conference and Harris’ focus on Nevada and her delegate-rich home state of California.

Harris will then make two-day swings through New Hampshire (Feb. 18-19) and Iowa (Feb. 23-24), where she appeared in the CNN town hall, before finishing up the early-state blitz in Nevada (Feb. 28-March 1). Her campaign did not release details about the stops.

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