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New “Testing the Waters” Report Examines How Presidential Candidates Ignore Campaign Finance Laws & Regulators Let Them

Today, Common Cause released a new report on the many ways presidential candidates bend and break campaign finance laws as they barnstorm early primary states, fundraise, evade contributions limits, and build their campaign teams while denying they are running for office. “‘Testing the Waters’ or Diving Right In?” is part of Common Cause’s 2020 Candidate…

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Elizabeth Warren is closing her joint fundraising committee as she urges Democrats to shun big money in the 2020 presidential election

CNBC reports that Senator Elizabeth Warren is winding down her joint fundraising committee, Action Fund, as she ramps up her 2020 presidential campaign. Following the Supreme Court’s 2014 decision in McCutcheon v. FEC, in which the Court struck down as unconstitutional an aggregate limit on how much a single donor could give to all federal political…

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Elizabeth Warren launches exploratory committee ahead of likely 2020 presidential run

CNN reports that on New Year’s Eve 2018, Senator Elizabeth Warren announced her formation of an “exploratory committee” for the 2020 presidential election. “Exploratory committee” is not an actual committee type under federal campaign finance law–Warren actually registered a 2020 presidential campaign committee with the FEC. Regardless of whether Warren has yet made up her…

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